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Hawaiian tropical flowers: 5 most popular tropicals

Visitors and Kama'ainas can spot tropical flowers frequently in Hawaii. These exotic flowers are seen in commercial venues, private landscaping, botanical gardens, farmer's markets and in flower arrangments at airports, banks, hotels, other public places and also growing in the wild.  They brighten any area and no matter where they are, will provide a  reminder of the lush tropics of Hawaii.  For those of us, lucky to live in Hawaii, there are many  florists and flower farms in Hawaii that provide tropicals locally.   And now via the internet, these beautiful Hawaiian flowers can conviently be shipped anywhere in the United States.  The flowers arrive in beautiful, fresh condition due to their sturdy nature and provide weeks of tropical color in their new home. There are many  tropical flowers that grow in Hawaii, the 5 varieties that are the most popular and are frequent fliers to the mainland are:

1.  Lobster Claw Heliconia Appropriately named, these heliconias mimic lobster claw pincers and are known for their long vase life.  They come in a large variety of sizes and colors and  are usually the largest of the flowers used in floral arrangments.   In Hawaii, lobster claws bloom most of the year, and peak in the summer.  While many of the lobster claws are well known,  the most popular is the flower called "Kamehameha".  This red and yellow flower mimics the colors used in the feathered cape of Hawaii's ancient royalty. The red and yellow colors still symbolize royalty and the Kamehameha heliconia has grown in popularity over the years due to this symbolization. Those flower enthusiasts that are looking for something other than a familiar rose, find that the heliconias provide a burst  of color, and a unique touch to any flower arrangment.

2.  Hawaiian Gingers   The ornamental gingers have been called layered ice cream cones, or colorful mini footballs for their layered appearance.   With many species to choose from, the red ginger is the most well known.  The flower can be found in floral displays year round and many yards in Hawaii use the ginger plant as hedges or for landscaping.  The decorative flower also comes in a pink and magenta variety.  Considered quite easy to grow in hawaii, only those with a green thumb have been able to grow the flower in the mainland.  Although quite tolerant of the moderate temperatures, they prefer the humid, tropical conditions of Hawaii.  The easiest way to enjoy the ginger flowers is to head to your favorite florist or have a beautiful bouquet shipped to your home.

3.  Anthuriums   Anthuriums or heart shaped flowers are the jems of flowers in Hawaii.  They last approximately 4 weeks once cut and the plants remain small and manageable for landscaping.  Anthuriums can be seen growing all over the state of Hawaii but are most often seen on the Big Island.  The anthurium plants favor the warm, wet climate and soil conditions the windward side of the Big Island has to offer. Since they travel well and are long lasting, these flowers are a favorite in cities across the united states. They grow with beautiful natural variation and are also bred for certain characteristics.  One of the most well known, selectively bred anthuriums is called an obake or ghost flower.   It is a multi shaded flower with many different shades, including green, white, pink, red and orange- with any of these color combinations in each flower.  Whether you enjoy the anthurium  as a cut flower or plant, they are sure to be a unique centerpiece for any occasion.

4. Psitticorum or small Heliconia   Small, dainty and exotic, these flowers are painted with bright colors. They bloom year round and make fantastic landscaping plants as they rarely grow above 4 feet tall. They are also very  popular in floral displays, as their small size gives great depth and color to arrangments. They are fast becoming more popular in the continental United States, as they are  long lasting and economical to ship. Many visitors mistake them for birds of paradise because they grow floral bracts from the same part of the stem. While distantly related to the birds of paradise, the psitticorums have more beautiful varieties that grow naturally and have also been bred selectively for longevity, and color.

5. Costus   These flowers are reminiscent of ancient gingers, they are characterized by spirally arranged bracts.  Many of the costus flowers can be found growing wild throughout Hawaii and are cultivated on flower farms. They love the misty rain and shaded hillsides that many areas provide in the Hawaiian tropics.  The flowers look as if they are plastic, but are actually very long lasting flowers used in floral displays. They have many unique names: the indianhead ginger, french kiss, and the red snake. For may years, they have taken a backseat to the more notable tropicals, but have recently grown in popularity. They are fast growing and add an exotic and unusual  touch to floral arrangments.

So visit a local garden, farmers market or country road in Hawaii to view some of these beautiful tropical flowers. Or if you are unable to visit Hawaii, have a beautiful arrangment shipped to your home for a colorful reminder of the Hawaiian tropics. HOME





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