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Flower Care Instructions

Please enjoy this wonderful gift of fresh and exotic tropical blossoms. With proper care, they will last 10 days to 3 weeks and possibly longer.

In order to ensure their longevity, we would like to offer the following care instructions:

We recommend that they be unpacked immediately, next completely immerse your flowers in water for approximately 10 minutes (your bathtub is a great place). While soaking, cut at an angle 1/4 inch from the stem under water and trim the ends.

Clean water, free of bacteria and algae is the most important part of keeping tropical flowers fresh and vibrant. Put a few drops of bleach in your vase water and change the water every 4-5 days. This will help prolong their freshness.

Resoak if you are able, at this time to make them feel they are still in their moist and humid tropical environment. Avoid storage below 60 degrees, direct sunlight, heat sources, air conditioners and drafty areas.

Enjoy decorating your flowers in one large vase or a couple of small to medium vases.




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