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Here are actual photos taken at our farm of the flowers you will be receiving. We grow 65 different varieties of Heliconia, Ginger, Costus, Calathea, and Foliage.

They have been brought here to the Garden Island of Kauai by dedicated collectors and have thrived in our warm and humid climate. The North Shore of Kauai is especially suited for their propagation, with our ample rain- fall and steady temperatures it is often exciting to see a newly introduced variety grow and flower for the first time.

Some of the species are actually rare in their country of origin. Growing only in the wilds of the forest, new species are constantly being discovered. Below are some of flowers that were blooming at the time that we took these photos.

Because of the relative new-ness of some of these species you will find a wide degree of variation in their names from one location to another.


Edge of Night                     Firebird                     Tagami

Emerald Forest                     Pink Orthotrica                     Golden Torch



Here is a collection of Costus flowers that we grow on our farm. The Costus family of flowers aren't in the Heliconia family but offer a wonderfull variation of color and shape. Their long lasting color and hardiness make them a farm favorite.

French Kiss


The Calathea family is a distant cousin of the Heliconia and offers some of the most diverse variation of color, shape, and texture. I wish that I had more of them blooming at the time I took these photos to showcase all their exotic differences. I'll try to add more photos as they bloom.

Rattle Shaker                     Cigar                     Green Ice


Ginger is our farm mainstay. While these photos look very similar they are actually of three different varieties. We strive to provide fresh vibrant flowers in every box and by growing several varieties of Ginger we can take advantage of their different blooming cycles to assure beautiful red ginger in every box.

Common Red                     Kimi                     Jungle King



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